Martha Hansen Fertman

Martha teachingWidely recognized as a master teacher, Martha Hansen Fertman has been teaching the Alexander Technique for over thirty years. As co-founder of the Philadelphia School for the Alexander Technique, an innovative three-year teacher training program designed to meet the demands of working people’s busy schedules, Martha has been training Alexander teachers for the past three decades. The unique design of this teacher training program has evolved into the Alexander Alliance, an international association of Alexander teacher training programs. Martha is an Alexander Technique International certified teacher and sponsor.

Martha comes to the Alexander Technique from a wide-ranging background in movement studies, including ballet, modern dance, T’ai Chi Chaun, and Authentic Movement. Martha’s own Alexander Technique training includes a decade-long apprenticeship with Marjorie Barstow as well as training with Catherine Wielopolska and additional study with Elizabeth Walker, all first generation teachers trained by F.M. Alexander himself.

In addition to offering group and private instruction through her private practice, Alexander Princeton, Martha frequently teaches workshops throughout the United States (Nebraska, etc) and in Canada, Japan, and Korea.

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  2. Adrienne Knauer


    I am interested in becoming a prospective student and trying out the technique. Would you recommend visiting the school during the school year or could I have a session before the school year starts in case I want to enroll?

    Thank you for your help!

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