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Philly AT Training

The Philadephia School for the Alexander Technique

Directed by Martha Hansen Fertman

Join us in Boynton Beach, Florida

Workshop February 8-12th in  2014!

You’ll be glad you did!  Contact Zora Natanblutt to register:  zorapt@email.com

What:  A workshop designed for Alexander Technique Teachers and Teacher Trainees

Begins Saturday, February 8th at 1pm

Ends Wednesday, February 12th at Noon

Where:  Boynton Beach, Florida

How:  Register with Zora Natanblutt:  zorapt@email.com

Cost is $525, reserve your space before January 15th, send $100 reservation fee

Travel:  two reliable accomodations include:

Hilton Garden Inn Boca Raton, Fl 33487
The Mango Inn 128 North Lakeside Drive Lakeworth, Fl 33460

Taught by Senior teachers Martha Hansen Fertman and Meade Andrews, this five day course is designed for
teachers and trainees of the Alexander Technique with the idea of deepening our appreciation and
understanding of the work. In addition, the course provides opportunities for trainees to begin to see
themselves as teachers and to develop collegial relationships with other Alexander Technique teachers. The
course content is aimed to deepen each participant’s unique journey in relation to Alexander’s core principles.
Each annual workshop emerges from a unique theme developed by Martha and Meade. The schedule allows
plenty of time for enjoying the Florida weather and is conveniently located just one mile from the beautiful beaches in Boynton Beach, FL.

Italian cuisine, generally acknowledged to be among the finest in the world, is known for its “exquisite pairings.”
Chefs present two foods which are completely different, but wholly complementary—each taste excellent on its
own, yet somehow even more interesting when balanced by the qualities of its paired opposite. For example:
prosciutto e melone, or pere e pecorino.
In the Alexander Technique teaching world, Martha Fertman and Meade Andrews are just such an exquisite
pairing. I recommend you try the February Florida Course as soon as your schedule allows.
—Kathryn Armour: Singer, AT teacher, and Italophile www.KathrynArmour.com